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        If you are a real estate agent or home buyer/seller and have a question for a home inspector, ask here! You do not need to register to post in this board.
        56 Topics 385 Replies Emily's Avatar
        If you have any computer related questions, ask here!
        412 Topics 3235 Replies Dominic Maricic's Avatar
        Here's a place to have fun and post jokes. We all need a laugh!
        193 Topics 680 Replies Dominic Maricic's Avatar
        Feel free to talk about anything EXCEPT Politics (unless it's directly related to the housing industry) and Religion in this board. We're all for great discussion but those topics can turn ugly quickly!
        803 Topics 12.7k Replies Jeff Waibel's Avatar
        Post pictures of electrical problems you find to share with other inspectors, or ask a question on an issue you find.
        145 Topics 1138 Replies Donald S. Brazelton's Avatar
        Discuss any exterior or grading questions here. Post pictures for reference or ask for help.
        62 Topics 456 Replies David Monsivais's Avatar
        Discuss any Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System questions here. Post pictures of interesting system you find or ask for help.
        102 Topics 542 Replies Albert Villegas Sr.'s Avatar
        Discuss any Interior questions here. Post pictures of interesting system you find or ask for help.
        55 Topics 353 Replies Rich Jarvis's Avatar
        Discuss any Plumbing questions here. Post pictures of interesting systems you find or ask for help.
        109 Topics 803 Replies Gene Lewis's Avatar
        Discuss Structural questions here. Post pictures of any interesting system you find to help others or ask for help yourself.
        94 Topics 666 Replies Robert Young's Avatar
        Any home inspection questions/comments that don't fit in the other categories go here. For example, infrared imaging, energy audits, contract questions, insurance, etc. If you have a post that covers multiple areas (single house/building with lots of problems) feel free to post it here as well.
        399 Topics 3714 Replies Tottis's Avatar
        Re: Bookkeeping nightmare
        by Tottis
        1 year 3 months ago
        If you have any questions on how to use Home Inspector Pro (Windows/Mac) or HIP Mobile (Android), other than working with templates, ask here.
        1321 Topics 7166 Replies Dominic Maricic's Avatar
        Discuss your custom template, ask questions on how to design your own, or share what you've accomplished with others.
        532 Topics 3526 Replies Ernest Foster's Avatar
        This forum is for the Mac & Windows users that are beta testing the program. You can also check out what is being added in the upcoming release. If you are interested in joining, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
        341 Topics 3963 Replies Marshall Brown's Avatar
        HIP Office
        by Marshall Brown
        2 months 4 weeks ago
        A collection of website tutorials and good tips from inspectors using Home Inspector Pro hosting.
        90 Topics 1092 Replies Wade Williamson's Avatar
        Ask questions on how to work on your Home Inspector Pro hosted website.
        625 Topics 3677 Replies Sterling Harpst's Avatar
        Re: Mobile Friendly?
        by Sterling Harpst
        7 months 4 weeks ago
        Discussions on each of the themes used for our hosting and how to get the most out of them.
        74 Topics 672 Replies V?n S?'s Avatar
        Theme 12 question
        by V?n S?
        1 year 1 week ago
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